Tesla Model Y China are delivered with COVID prevention kit and framed memes

The first deliveries of Tesla’s Model Y in China proved to be a smooth affair, with the electric car manufacturer handing over the first batch of vehicles in a simultaneous event spanning 10 cities to their respective owners. Tesla wanted to provide a “epidemic prevention package” with every car, apparently as a way to highlight the company’s sense of community.

The electric car maker posted highlights of the events on its official Weibo page, where it listed some of the locations where deliveries were made. “Today’s first batch of #中国制造Model Y# was officially delivered in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Suzhou, Wuhan, Hefei, Wenzhou, Wuxi, Changzhou and Ningbo at the same time. This is the Tesla Speed!” Tesla China wrote.

Tesla also shared a picture of a COVID disinfection kit that came with every purchase of the Model Y. The company also stressed that prior to delivery, every vehicle was disinfected. Based on the images, despite the safety measures due to the pandemic, the Model Y delivery event appears to be a very enjoyable affair, complete with balloons and cool giveaways like a framed illustration of Elon Musk’s hedgehog meme announcing that the vehicle of a customer has been shipped.

Credit: Tesla China/Weibo

Initial reviews of the Made-in-China Model Y from local motoring companies are now being posted online, and they are very positive. Just recently, after ‘unboxing’ and testing the vehicle for 24 hours, China-based automotive group 42How posted their thoughts on the all-electric crossover. The results of the group were very positive, with reviewers praising the Model Y for its comfort, space, performance, and characteristics.

In the past, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has noted that he expects the Model Y to outsell the combined Model S, Model 3, and Model X. There seems to be a fair possibility that the Model Y will indeed become Tesla’s runaway best-seller in the near future, considering the crossover nature of the vehicle and its reasonable pricing in China.

Watch 42How’s “unboxing” review of the Made-in-China Tesla Model Y in the video below.


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