Tesla Model Y vs Audi RS4 drag race reveals practical sports car winner

A Tesla Model Y took on an Audi RS4 Avant in a drag race, highlighting which vehicle is the clear choice for those looking for a practical performance car.

There is an extensive segment of the performance car market for those looking for something fast yet practical. Since the earliest days of the automotive industry, this segment has been the proving ground for most performance vehicles, and now more than ever, the Tesla Model Y Performance has become the clear choice. This has never been better highlighted than in a new drag race, posted on Youtube by Carwow, in which the popular EV takes on the Audi RS4 Avant wagon.

The Audi RS4 has historically been an excellent choice for those looking for a performance car that can do “car things.” Need to go to the grocery store? No problem. Have to grab some tools and supplies at Home Depot? Not even a question. Have to fit your family, dog, and luggage for a multi-day road trip? The wagon will do it all. But with the advent of EVs, this historic titan has finally met its match.

Looking at the specifications of the two vehicles, this is easily one of the closest races that there could be. The Tesla Model Y Performance has a substantial output advantage, 527 horsepower, compared to the 450 from Audi’s twin-turbo 2.9 liter V6. However, it is held back by an equally considerable weight disparity, highlighted in the video. This adds up to an incredibly tight race regarding the power-to-weight ratio.

Surprisingly, despite the Tesla’s off-the-line advantage, the Audi quickly catches up and makes it a tight race each time they run. However, the Audi only beat the Tesla consistently over the half-mile with a 30mph moving start.

For those considering the practicality of both vehicles, the Tesla Model Y has its German counterpart beat. In the proper configuration, it carries more people and stuff (thank you, front trunk), and with its suite of tech offerings, including Full Self Driving, it even beats the Audi in software capabilities.

Perhaps more shocking than the Model Y’s performance parity with the Audi is its pricing. At its base model, the Audi Rs4 is nearly 10,000 pounds ($12,443) more expensive than the Tesla Model Y Performance, and that doesn’t even include generous incentives offered by the British government. Those who splurge for Audi’s top-tier model are looking at an even wider price discrepancy, over 25,000 pounds ($31,108).

Ignoring the performance parity and pricing advantage of the Model Y, the Tesla has one other distinct advantage over its German counterpart; access. As the British government has tightened restrictions regarding where ICE vehicles can be driven, and numerous other European countries look to do the same, choosing the gas Audi over the electric Tesla is quickly becoming impractical.

Overall, the best news for consumers is that high-performance family offerings aren’t going away anytime soon. As Audi and other traditional performance brands continue to improve their electric offerings, the options people can choose from will become increasingly higher quality and of more variety. Hopefully, those upcoming electric offerings can come sooner rather than later.

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