Tesla Model Y acceleration boost is a noticeable upgrade

For the Model Y crossover, Tesla’s newly launched Acceleration Boost upgrade is getting its first look in a new video.

Tesla enthusiast and content creator Tesla Raj got together with his friend Tim, the owner of a Model Y Long Range All-Wheel Drive. Tim recently purchased the newly-available Acceleration Boost upgrade from Tesla, which is available through the company’s Smartphone App.

The Acceleration Boost upgrade shaves an extra half-second off the 0-60 period, while the Model Y LR AWD already has an outstanding 4.8-second 0-60 MPH acceleration rate and a 135 MPH top speed.

In order to prove that the performance of the Model Y actually improved after purchasing the Acceleration Boost upgrade, Raj and Tim carried out a 0-60 MPH test before purchasing the $2,000 option. Compared to Tesla’s stated specifications, the test proved to be reasonably accurate and it ran from a standstill in 4.84 seconds to 60 MPH.

Tim then went into his Mobile app and ordered the $2,000 upgrade, meaning that there is a 48-hour window where it is possible to refund and remove the functionality from the software of the car. This was a feature requested by some owners who complained that the app “butt-dialed” their phones and bought optional updates in the past. If this occurs, or if an owner is not happy with the improved performance, Tesla has implemented refundable options for its upgrade packages.

Raj and Tim conducted yet another 0-60 MPH test after the vehicle downloaded and enabled the Acceleration Boost software, and the results showed that the update did just what it said it would do.

A 4.32-second 0-60 MPH acceleration rate was seen in the post-purchase test, which was around a half-second faster than before. By merely buying a simple update on a mobile device, Tesla has given owners the option to make their cars a half-second faster. The installation process only took Tim a few minutes and the findings spoke for themselves.

The pre-purchase times on the left are about a half-second slower than the speeds that were recorded with the Acceleration Boost on the left. (Credit: Tesla Raj | YouTube)

If the upgrade does more than what Tesla says, only time will tell because some owners who bought the Model 3 Acceleration Boost suggested that their new performance requirements were better than what was described.

With Tesla’s second mass-market vehicle being the Model Y, there is a strong indication that it might be the best car to date for the group. While its body style is the most popular in the United States, it provides travelers and families with increased cargo space, while providing enhanced performance specifications for those who want a little more pep in their driving experience.

Check out the Tesla Model Y Acceleration Boost in action below.

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