Tesla Model Y is now available in a 7-seat configuration

The first pictures of the third row seats of the Tesla Model Y for its seven-seat configuration have been leaked online. Based on the photos that show a Model Y with a white interior, Tesla has come up with a way to ensure that the all-electric crossover maintains a fair portion of its cargo carrying ability even though it transports seven passengers.

The images were sent to the Tesla Daily podcast’s Rob Maurer, who posted and discussed the photos in a recent episode. Just a few photos of the new layout have been leaked, but they have shown how the second row seats shift forward to accommodate the third row passengers. Closeup shots also showed that a fair amount of padding was put by Tesla in the third row seats.

In the seven-seat Model Y, a glance at the remaining storage space reveals that even though the third row seats are up, there is still a considerable amount of storage space. This should allow the all-electric crossover, when it is carrying seven passengers, to transport a reasonable number of objects. This may also be a key selling point for the Model Y, as buyers would likely find its wide seating capacity and spacious cargo area appealing.

Together with the Standard Range Rear-Wheel Drive version, which features an EPA-estimated range of 244 miles per charge, a 0-60 mph time of 5.3 seconds, and a top speed of 135 mph, the Tesla Model Y seven-seat option was recently introduced. The vehicle is currently available before discounts for $41,990, and its approximate delivery period is 2-5 weeks listed.

The Model Y’s seven-seat interior is available only for the Standard Range RWD and Dual Motor AWD models of the car. Only a five-seater interior can be ordered for the Model Y Results, a version tailored for its speed and canyon-carving capabilities. This is somewhat unsurprising, as the third row seats will affect the weight of the top-tier Model Y, impacting the performance of the car.

Check out Rob Maurer’s discussion of the third row seats of the Tesla Model Y in the video below.

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