Tesla Cybertruck spotted at Giga Texas wind tunnel

The Tesla Cybertruck has been spotted at the Giga Texas wind tunnel ahead of its production launch later this year.

The Cybertruck may be Tesla’s most highly anticipated vehicle of 2023, especially considering the long production hiatus that has kept it out of the hands of consumers. Luckily, the truck has never been closer to production, and it appears that Tesla is concluding its testing and regulatory work as the Cybertruck heads to production later this year. Now, the Cybertruck has been spotted at the Giga Texas wind tunnel in what many believe to be “production-ready” form.

The video of the Cybertruck at the Giga Texas wind tunnel was initially reported on Twitter by Giga Texas expert Jeff Roberts but has since gone viral on numerous other social media sites.

Disappointingly, due to the drone’s distance from the Cybertruck, a clear view of the truck’s design isn’t possible. Still, we gain access to a slightly better picture of the upcoming vehicle through AI image upscaling.

Perhaps the strangest part of the video isn’t the Cybertruck at all, but its testing environment. Typically, when an automaker uses a wind tunnel, it’s precisely that; a tunnel where the vehicle can be rolled in and protected from outside conditions. Nonetheless, the wind tunnel machine is easily identified by its wide air intake (right side of the video) and compressor tunnel (pointed toward the Cybertruck).

The Cybertruck being seen in testing, unsurprisingly, looks identical to the one shown in Tesla’s infamous (almost) crash test video posted earlier this month. And when compared to other recent sightings, it appears the automaker has essentially arrived at the final design.

It remains unclear what testing Tesla would be doing at its wind testing facility, especially as no air direction tags (small pieces of strong) are seen on the truck, which would indicate the company is confirming air flow and turbulence around the truck. Though with essentially only half of the truck visible in the video, any hypothesis would likely be pure conjecture.

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