Tesla Model X and Model S get price reduction in the United States

Tesla reduced the price of the Model S and Model X in the United States. Based on the company’s configuration page, Tesla reduced the Model S and Model X prices between $5,000 to $10,000. 

The base Model S sedan now costs $89,990, while the Plaid version starts at $109,990. Previously, the base Model S was priced at $94,990, while the Plaid used to cost $114,990. 

Tesla also reduced the price of its premium Model X SUV by $10,000. The base Model X now costs $99,990, and the Plaid Model X costs $109,990. Before the price reduction, the base Model X cost $109,990 while the Plaid version started at $119,990. 

The current price cut marks the second time Tesla has reduced Model S and Model X prices in the United States since the beginning of 2023. In January, Tesla reduced the price of the Dual Motor AWD Model S sedan to $94,990 from $104,990. The Model S Plaid’s price was also reduced from $135,990 to $114,990. At the time, the base Model X’s price was cut from $120,990 to $109,990. While the Plaid Model X’s price was reduced from $138,990 to $119,990. 

Around the same period, Tesla also reduced Model 3 and Model Y vehicle prices. Time will tell if the company will follow the same pattern for the current price reductions. 

Some reports claim that Tesla’s recent price cuts are a bid to boost sales at the end of the first quarter. Tesla’s recent price reductions seem to be a natural result of the work it put into developing its electric vehicle lineup. During Investor Day 2023, Tesla executives talked a lot about the in-house technology their teams are developing and their constant push to be more efficient. Tesla’s recent price reduction appears to reflect its teams’ efforts. 

Currently, the Dual Motor AWD Model X’s estimated delivery time is March to May 2023. While the Model X Plaid’s delivery estimates reach all the way to April 2023. The Model X SUVs with May and April delivery dates will not be included in Tesla’s Q1 2023 delivery results. Model S deliveries would likely contribute more to Tesla’s delivery numbers at the end of the first quarter. The base Model S and Plaid Model S have estimated delivery dates in March 2023. 

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