Tesla Giga Shanghai Model Y assembly just 2.5 hours from first to final station: report

Tesla Giga Shanghai was recently featured in an exclusive walkthrough from China’s Xinhua News Agency. Over the course of the video, a number of key factors about the massive electric vehicle factory were shared. These included the facility’s “Tesla Speed,” which is quite remarkable. 

Giga Shanghai has become a crucial part of Tesla’s global operations today. The facility does not only cater to the domestic Chinese market. It also serves as the company’s primary vehicle export hub. With this in mind, it is pertinent for Tesla to ensure that Giga Shanghai is operating as optimally as possible. 

While exploring the assembly lines of Giga Shanghai, the Xinhua host inquired how long it currently takes to produce a Model Y from start to end. An employee from Giga Shanghai remarked that from the first station to the final station, it takes about two and a half hours to finish a Tesla Model Y.

“I think from the first station to the last station, it takes about two and a half hours to finish all the stations,” the Gigafactory Shanghai employee said. 

Inasmuch as the current pace for Gigafactory Shanghai is already impressive, the facility is still being improved. It may already be Tesla’s highest volume facility that’s active today, but the electric vehicle maker is not known to stay still after hitting a milestone. As such, it would not be surprising if Giga Shanghai’s assembly speed still improves in the near future. 

Previous reports have indicated that Tesla China would be unleashing the potential of Giga Shanghai this first quarter. As per an internal memo reportedly viewed by Reuters, Tesla China is reportedly looking to increase its output to nearly 20,000 vehicles per week for February and March. This strategy is expected to bring the facility to its output level in September when it produced 82,088 Model 3 sedans and Model Y crossovers. 

Watch Xinhua‘s Gigafactory Shanghai video below. 

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