Tesla Model S saves two lives in deadly 18-wheeler accident

After a collision with an 18-wheeler almost ripped the electric sedan to shreds. A Tesla Model S was destroyed, but the two passengers inside escaped with some injuries from the crash but their lives were intact.

Reddit user u/quarm813 posted his Model S P90D photos to r/TeslaMotors subreddit on Sunday, August 9. The incident happened on Friday, July 31st, said the original poster.

YouTuber Rich Rebuilds shared a video of the electric car that was destroyed via its Twitter account.

The Model S P90D had AutoPilot engaged when driving down the highway according to u/quarm813. However, an 18-wheeler swerved into the area of the road where the Tesla was driving while traveling in the fast lane.

The Tesla driver swerved to avoid the tractor-trailer collision but it was too late. “I grabbed the wheel and tried to avoid the 18 wheeler,” said quarm. “The rear guard rail on the 18 wheeler caught the front of the car and cut the entire driver-side off. The only way I can explain it is it looked like it was done with a lightsaber.”

Quarm suggested he had suffered from a badly broken arm that needed multiple surgeries to repair. His attention, however, was on his daughter who was asleep at the time of the occurrence.

“My daughter was asleep in the rear seat. She got six stitches in her knee,” suggested quarm in a Reddit post.

The severity of the accident can be seen in the numerous photographs that quarm shared with the r/TeslaMotors community.

Quarm indicated that both the passengers in the vehicle were able to walk away without emergency authorities using any sort of apparatuses, such as the Jaws of Life, to remove them from the car.

After the crash, quarm notes that he was in the process of purchasing a new car, and that he was undecided between a Tesla Model S P100D or a Model Y. Nevertheless, Tesla helped deliver the new electric vehicle to Quarm while still in the hospital.

“Did you know that Tesla will do a contactless delivery to the hospital? Tesla delivered a 2020 Y to the hospital for me,” he said.

Quarm indicated that they had ordered the car before arriving at the hospital, and Tesla had delivered it to the hospital because they had no other way to get home after receiving medical attention.

The two passengers’ survival is a testimony to the safety of Tesla’s automobiles, in particular the Model S.

NHTSA crash safety tests have earned the company’s flagship sedan a five-star overall safety, frontal and side crash rating and rollover protection, making it one of the safest vehicles in its class.

The fact that two people emerged from the Model S with their lives is an incredible accomplishment. Tesla vehicles have saved many lives over the years, but this could perhaps be the company’s most impressive feat to date.

Reported by Teslarati.

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