Tesla Model S Plaid+ gets a $10,000 price increase

The Tesla Model S Plaid+, the electric car maker’s yet-to-be-released flagship vehicle that’s expected to be released later this year, has received a $10,000 price increase. With the car now starting at just below $149,990, a fully-loaded Model S Plaid+ with Red Multi-Coat paint, Arachnid Wheels, White Seats, and Full Self-Driving now costs $168,990. 

The recent price adjustment makes the Model S Plaid+ comparable in price to the Porsche Taycan Turbo, which also starts at around $150,000 before options. The Model S Plaid+ offers a lot for its premium price, as the vehicle boasts a 0-60 mph time below 1.99 seconds, a top speed of 200 mph, and a range of over 520 miles per charge. 

The specs of the Tesla Model S Plaid+. (Credit: Tesla)

These specs, which are on par to some of the world’s supercars, are particularly impressive considering that the Model S Plaid+ is a large sedan that can comfortably seat a family. Recent leaks have even revealed that the vehicle will boast some serious computing power in its infotainment system, thanks to its AMD Ryzen SoC and Navi 23 GPU combo

The Tesla Model S Plaid+’s recent price adjustment bodes well for the flagship all-electric sedan’s demand. Tesla, after all, would likely not make one of its most premium vehicles today even more expensive if few people are ordering the car. Considering the bang-for-the-buck value provided by the Model S Plaid+, it would not be surprising if a good number of performance car enthusiasts respond positively to the vehicle. 

A fully-optioned Tesla Model S Plaid+ with premium paint, seats, wheels, and FSD. (Credit: Tesla)

The Tesla Model S Plaid+ is estimated to start deliveries in late 2021. The other “refresh” variants of the Model S, the Long Range AWD and the Plaid variant, are expected to start deliveries within the coming weeks. Recent aerial footage of the Fremont Factory site have shown more and more Model S refresh units seemingly ready for customer deliveries.

Original Publication by Maria Merano at Teslarati.

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