Tesla Giga Berlin Quietly Achieves 6,000 Per Week Production of Model Y

  • 🚗 Tesla Giga Berlin achieved a production rate of 6,000 Model Y crossovers per week.
  • 🏭 The production milestone was hinted at through commemorative shirts, with one having “6K” printed on it.
  • 🎉 Tesla Director of Quality Bob Foulkes confirmed the 6,000 vehicles per week milestone in a LinkedIn post.
  • 🌍 Giga Berlin’s Model Y production is currently paused due to supply chain issues arising from conflicts in the Red Sea.
  • 📅 The pause in production is scheduled from January 29 to February 11, 2024, impacting the supply chains.

The electric vehicle world is abuzz with excitement as recent comments from Tesla Giga Berlin employees hint at a remarkable achievement – a production rate of 6,000 Model Y crossovers per week. Let’s delve into the details and explore the significance of this milestone.

The Journey to 6,000 Model Ys Weekly

  1. Commemorative Shirts Tell the Tale
    • A unique aspect of this accomplishment lies in the subtle hints embedded in commemorative shirts worn by Tesla Giga Berlin employees.
    • Notably, one of these shirts proudly displays the number “6K,” giving enthusiasts a sneak peek into the achievement.
  2. Confirmation from the Top
    • Tesla Director of Quality, Bob Foulkes, took to LinkedIn to officially confirm the milestone.
    • Foulkes described these shirts as “trophies” representing the achievements of the Giga Berlin team, acknowledging the dedication and hard work that led to this historic production rate.

The Impact of 6,000 Model Ys Weekly

  1. Pride and Recognition
    • Foulkes’s LinkedIn post reflects the pride and recognition felt by the Giga Berlin team.
    • He emphasizes that the journey to this milestone is not just about numbers but about choosing the path less traveled, fighting, pioneering, and creating history.
  2. Global Impact of Electric Vehicles
    • Foulkes also highlights the global impact of Giga Berlin’s achievement, noting that the Model Y has become the best-selling car on the planet.
    • This success signifies a monumental shift in the automotive industry, marking the first time an electric vehicle has outsold its traditional counterparts.

Challenges on the Horizon

  1. Production Pause and Supply Chain Challenges
    • Despite the celebration, Giga Berlin’s Model Y production is currently on pause due to supply chain disruptions arising from conflicts in the Red Sea.
    • The armed conflicts have caused shifts in transport routes, leading to longer transportation times and creating a gap in the supply chains.
  2. Looking Forward to 2024
    • Foulkes expresses excitement for the upcoming year, emphasizing that Giga Berlin is just getting started.
    • The pause in production is seen as a temporary setback, with anticipation for overcoming challenges and achieving even greater success in 2024.
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