First Tesla Model S Plaid refresh with new headlights and tail lights delivered

Tesla has kicked off deliveries of the Model S refresh with matrix headlights and updated tail lights. Images of customers taking delivery of the vehicle at the Fremont Factory have been posted online.

As could be seen in photos shared by new Model S owners on the private Model S Plaid & Long Range Facebook group, the updated flagship sedan features several subtle changes from the vehicles’ previous iterations. Most noticeable is the new Model S’ matrix headlights and revamped tail lights.

Since sightings of the updated Model S started getting reported a few months ago, Tesla enthusiasts immediately took notice of the car’s new charge port. A close look at the new charge port has been shared by new Model S owner Jacob Balthazar on Facebook, and based on the image, the updated part definitely has some interesting quirks.

The size of the new Model S charge port door has increased significantly. The classic LED ring found in older Model S chargers has also been retired. While the charge port area looks too big for Tesla’s sleek proprietary charger, it does have enough space for a CCS adapter.

The Model S’ updated charge door. (Credit: Jacob Baltazar)

The graphic badge featured in the first Model S Plaid deliveries last year at the Fremont Factory has been reinstated. The graphic “Plaid” badge should provide the flagship sedan with an extra flourish, a subtle sign that it is a family car that can likely smoke every supercar on the stoplight.

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