Tesla Model S Plaid is preparing to be the ultimate all-weather car

It’s no secret that perhaps the most exciting new release in the short and storied history of the automaker is Tesla’s Plaid Model S. The Plaid Model S, a revision of the company’s first passenger sedan, has a fully redesigned interior and a body style close to that of its predecessor, with, of course, a few changes. But a fortunate few in the wild near snow have spotted the vehicle, and now Tesla is preparing the same car to blister the asphalt in not only the summer sun, but also the snow in a winter wonderland.

One might wonder after initial sightings of the new Model S revealed the vehicle to be in Toledo, Ohio: Why would Tesla send a car to the cold and arid roads of Northern Ohio from Sunny and warm Northern California. A few indicators point to the company’s previous release plans of its other vehicles. Model Y and the unreleased Semi, for example, have been seen on several occasions in snowy terrain. Both cars will be travelers in their own rights, one for passenger transport and the other for commercial use. Both are, however, applicable to winter weather, in particular the Semi, which for some drivers is likely to trek from one end of the country to the other. At the same time, Model Y will be present through its huge band of owners in several demanding terrains in its mass-market manufacturing strategy.

The Plaid Model S, however, is a little bit distinct. The Model S will always hold a special place in Tesla’s heart; we know it does so in the most crucial organ of its CEO, Elon Musk, who once said that for sentimental reasons, Model S production continued. The Model S, however, is experiencing a revival of sorts, and while it was spotted in Ohio for what is likely to be winter testing, Tesla dropped its own tidbit of data about the Model S Plaid and its snowy terrain results.

We know that the Model S was one of the fastest, the most sporty, and the best looking EV out there. The Model S is truly a car of all trade, with over 400 miles of range in its Long Range version and a speed of 1.9 seconds from 0-60 MPH for its Plaid+ configuration. The ideal car in the snow is always either a four-wheel or all-wheel drive powertrain for a long time, particularly for those living in snowy climates, and if an option is offered, an SUV is definitely superior to a sedan. The Model S, however, is making moves to be the ultimate all-weather car.

It sounds fantastic to drive down a sunny strip along the coast in the dead of summer, but the Model S is also able to tear up the snow and potentially any other terrain it is faced with. Tesla’s flagship vehicle will still remain the Model S, especially while it remains in production for the foreseeable future. But more than that, through whatever scenario it is faced with, the customer who buys the all-electric powerhouse will now have a great opportunity to have even more robust, dominant, and unequivocal control.

The Model S is truly one of today’s most perfect and well-rounded vehicles available to customers. With Tesla demonstrating the capabilities of the new Model S Plaid in the snowy terrain of the above video, we know that the car would be perfect for anyone at any time of the year looking for power, performance, and pleasure.

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