Tesla Model 3 tops quality survey once more in China

The Tesla Model 3 has been hailed as the vehicle with the least number of complaints from its owners, as per recent data from China’s car quality statistics. Based on recent rankings, the Tesla Model 3 only had an annual complaint sales ratio of 0.7 per 10,000 units. This proves once more that the quality of Tesla’s vehicles from Gigafactory Shanghai is nothing to scoff at. 

According to a report from local Chinese news outlet Sohu, the volume of passenger car complaints has actually been on the rise for the past three years, thanks in part to domestic car buyers being extremely particular about the quality of the vehicles they purchase. In 2020, the annual complaint sales ratio of passenger cars stood at 31.9 per 10,000 cars. Sedans fared worse, with a complaint sales ratio of 36.5 per 10,000. 

Credit: Sohu.com

It was then quite a surprise to see the Tesla Model 3 on top of the list. Not only was the Model 3 competing in a market that had a high complaint sales ratio to begin with, Tesla’s quality issues have been extensively reported by mainstream media. As noted by the local news agency, the Model 3, which typically gets mocked for its alleged quality issues, actually had the least number of complaints at 0.7 per 10,000. 

“Among Tesla Model 3 users, only seven people are dissatisfied to complain, which is completely inconsistent with the rough workmanship and low-quality personnel that the media has shaped for Tesla for a long time,” the report noted. 

Even more impressive is the fact that other low-complaint vehicles were notably more affordable than the Model 3, such as the SAIC-GM MG 5 and the Hongguang MINI EV. Customers of these vehicles did not have that much time to accumulate complaints, and the low price of the cars suggested that buyers didn’t have as many concerns about quality compared to those who purchased a Model 3. For the Model 3, which caters to the premium market, to top the list, Tesla must have displayed some quality workmanship with its all-electric sedan. 

This is not the first time the Model 3 ranked well with quality surveys in China. Just last August, CheZhiWang, a quality complaint data collecting agency, hailed the Model 3 as the vehicle with the least number of complaints, both among domestic and foreign cars. The Model 3 repeated the feat in November, topping the complaint data collecting agency’s rankings once more. 

Original Publication by Simon Alvarez at Teslarati.

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