Tesla Model 3 Refresh: Everything You Need To Know

Tesla recently revealed that its forthcoming electric vehicle sedan will no longer include two separate regenerative braking options. The automaker is now getting ready to launch a refreshed version of its Model 3 mass-market sedan.

A wide range of new changes, including add-on features and some new styling elements, are expected for the upcoming version of the Model 3.

New features such as double pane glass windows and a blacked-out exterior trim will be added to the Model 3 sedan rolling off the assembly line at Tesla’s Shanghai Gigafactory in China.

To minimize road noise, the laminated glass windows have been redesigned, which is a problem for Tesla, as the electric powertrain is so quiet that noise from wind and tires also finds its way into the cabin. However, the new glass should help make the cabin quieter.

It has also been announced that, across all models, the latest Model 3 will receive a power tailgate as standard. A push-button closing mechanism and anti-pinch safety system similar to that offered on Tesla’s Model Y crossover will be included in the revamped Model 3.

With the Model Y crossover, the refreshed Tesla Model 3 will also share its interior door handle mechanism. The sedan will be sold now with user-friendly illuminated exit buttons.

Reports also indicate that Tesla will also provide improved weather stripping for the Model 3 to prevent water accumulation in the trunk, as stated by some Tesla Model 3 owners.

The latest Model 3 is getting some interior updates.

There are a variety of new improvements inside the cabin. In favor of the all-new metallic thumb scroll wheels, Tesla has redesigned the older steering wheel controls. There were also reports about Tesla adding a heated steering wheel to the revised interior ensemble, but no further details about the upgrade has been released by Tesla so far.

The central tunnel that sits between the front seats is also getting a makeover. Instead of the glossy black piano finish, a soft-touch polished plastic panel will come with the new unit. In order to help secure electronics, the central tunnel also comes with a micro-suede wireless phone charger console.

The glove box will have additional USB ports in addition to the revised driver controls, which are always welcome in today’s digital world as an extra place to charge devices.

These extra USB ports would also make it simpler for owners to use the Sentry Mode theft deterrent system of the Model 3. Tesla will possibly also provide a 64 GB flash drive as standard.

With the additional USB port, Tesla owners will be able to insert a formatted USB drive into their car before they enable Sentry Mode. Owners will be able to download a video recording of an incident using Sentry Mode in the event of an attempted break-in, which starts 10 minutes before a threat has been reported.

The charging ports for the rear AC vents have been moved from regular USB to Type-C fast charging ports in addition to the interior improvements, but this upgrade could be limited to China-made models where many people own iPhones.

The wheels of the new Model 3 were redesigned as well, along with some slight cosmetic improvements to the headlights.

Watch the video below for a detailed walkthrough of the refresh.

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