Tesla Model 3 is fitted with 10ft wide wheels in hilarious new video

A Tesla Model 3 has been fitted with 10ft wide wooden wagon wheels in a hilarious new video posted on YouTube.

Tesla and Elon Musk aren’t strangers to the idea of a bit of tomfoolery, particularly concerning the vehicles the automaker produces. This has been seen at numerous launch events and software features, but some of the best “upgrades” put on Tesla vehicles are put there by people in the car community. That is shown in brutal detail in a video posted by WhistlinDiesel on Youtube just yesterday, in which he fitted a Tesla Model 3 with cartoonishly large 10ft wide wagon wheels.

WhistlinDiesel has often gained notoriety for placing wagon wheels where they probably shouldn’t be. Besides the Tesla Model 3, which was fitted with the wheels in the latest video, he has also famously placed them on a Dodge Challenger Hellcat and created some of the sketchiest burnouts known to man.

The video makes plenty of jokes at the expense of Tesla, each with a hilarious effect. Everything from Tesla not stopping for pedestrians to Tesla drivers’ occasional obsession with FSD visualizations is mocked in great detail. But the slightly scarier part of the project was posted on Instagram, showing the Tesla being driven over a Ferrari.

Sadly, Elon Musk and Tesla have yet to react to the viral video, which has already garnered over 3 million views since its posting yesterday.

WhistlinDiesel’s project follows significant growth in the modification of Tesla vehicles in the U.S. Over the past five years in particular, the Model 3 and Model S have become far more than just consumer a-to-b vehicles but have made their way into numerous projects, becoming some of the fastest cars on the planet.

What started as simple vehicle wraps, changing the vehicle’s color and overall look, has quickly evolved into far more serious builds, such as those from Unplugged Performance. Most recently, UP unveiled its “Bionic Phoenix” Model 3, which is likely the most aerodynamically modified Tesla vehicle on the planet, but UP has also quickly gathered a collection of highly respectable lap records with its track-oriented Model S at the likes of Willow Springs Raceway, Pikes Peak, and California Speedway, to name a few.

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