Tesla’s Valentines Day-themed ads are oozing with personality

It may sound a little corny, but Tesla CEO Elon Musk has stated that he is a strong advocate of love. During his appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast back in 2018, Musk noted that he thinks humanity is great and that “love is the answer.” He also said that “it wouldn’t hurt to have more love in the world.” 

These sentiments seem to be a driving force for Tesla’s electric vehicles, with Musk stating in the past that the company wants to build products that bring joy. Needless to say, Tesla attracts a lot of love from its customers. Its vehicles and products would not be so popular if it wasn’t. 

It was then no surprise that for Valentine’s Day, Tesla went a bit creative with its promotional material. Tesla Asia, for one, posted a short video showcasing photos and clips of Tesla owners in romantic situations. 

Tesla Asia’s ad was quite heartwarming. It showed Tesla owners and their respective partners sharing numerous experiences in their all-electric vehicles. These include proposals, weddings, and zero-emissions trips to beautiful locations. “Happy Valentine’s Day. Love Lasts Forever,” Tesla Asia wrote on Twitter.  

Tesla’s main Twitter account also shared a cute Valentine’s Day video. Unlike Tesla Asia’s more direct approach to the holiday, the main Tesla account posted a creative video showcasing some of its robots and their respective “dating” profiles. These include several robots from Tesla’s vehicle production line, as well as Optimus, the company’s upcoming humanoid robot

Tesla’s “Robot Dating” Valentine’s Day video is oozing with personality, with each robot describing themselves with tongue-in-cheek descriptions. Optimus, for example, noted in its “dating” profile that it is “both sensitive and hard” and that it believes in “love at first optical recognition.” Other robots, such as Ty, which is tasked with testing vehicle seats, said that he “likes to get comfortable.” 

Tesla has shared numerous fun videos promoting its products in the past. These included a quirky ad for a “Ticket Avoidance Mode” for the Model S back in the early days of Autopilot, which showed the all-electric sedan evading a traffic cop before it picked up its owner.  

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