Tesla deliveries keep rolling into Australia, hinting at another stellar quarter

Key Points

  • 🚢 Ten Tesla ships arrived in Australia, including the Glovis Caravel and Crystal Ace, hinting at strong sales.
  • 🚗 Tesla vehicles were loaded onto international ships, including right-hand drive units for various countries.
  • 🇦🇺 Tesla sales in Australia estimated to be close to 30,000 units as of July 2023.
  • 🚙 Tesla Model 3 was the third highest-selling car in March 2023, with Model Y becoming the second best-selling car in July 2023.

Tesla deliveries keep rolling into Australia, hinting at stellar sales numbers this quarter from down under.

Tesla ship tracker VedaPrime reported that the 10 Tesla ships bound for Australia, the Glovis Caravel, arrived early last week. Before the Glovis Caravel’s arrival, another vessel arrived via the Crystal Ace transport ship at the Fremantle port in Western Australia. The Crystal Ace delivered more than 700 Tesla vehicles to Western Australia, hinting at the company’s growing customer base in that part of the country. 

In Q2 2023, Giga Shanghai drone operator Wu Wa uploaded a video of Tesla vehicles being loaded onto international ro-ro ships for deliveries in other countries. Wu Wa’s video posted on April 7 showed Tesla cars labeled for Europe but also right-hand drive units. 

“This week, in addition to the EU-labeled Teslas, there are also some right-hand drive Teslas, which may be of interest to those of you who ordered right-hand drive, and yes, there are right-hand drive Teslas in the port, and they are coming to your country via roll-on/roll-off ship,” commented Wu Wa. 

The Driven reports that Tesla sales in Australia have been performing well so far in 2023. Based on numbers released by Australia’s Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI), Tesla estimated sales are close to 30,000 units as of July 2023. 

Tesla vehicles remain one of the top-selling cars in Australia. In March, the Tesla Model 3 was the third highest-selling model of all cars sold in the country, selling approximately 5,598 cars year-to-date since February 2023. 

Meanwhile, the Tesla Model Y became the second best-selling car in Australia in July 2023, selling 5,560 units during Q2 2023. The Tesla Model Y beat the Ford Ranger ute and came in second after the Toyota Hi-Lux ute, which sold 6,142 units. 

Check out Wu Wa’s April video here.

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