Tesla dominates EU sales leaderboard in 2021 with Model 3

Tesla is dominating the electric vehicle sales leaderboard in the United Kingdom through 2021 so far as the company’s Model 3 continues to dominate the highly-concentrated EV market on the continent.

Tesla has been experiencing exponential growth through the past several years thanks to growing demand, improving vehicle quality, world-class EV tech, and its efforts to expand production into other markets across the world. For over a year, Tesla has established international production efforts with its first foreign manufacturing facility in China. The company continues to expand this footprint both domestically and internationally, with plans to open new production facilities in Germany and Austin, Texas, later this year.

In Europe, Tesla currently does not have an operational manufacturing plant as Giga Berlin is still under construction and could begin production in the coming months. However, demand in Europe has been supplemented by the Giga Shanghai plant in China, where Tesla has been exporting Model 3s to Europe since January. As a result of these efforts, Tesla has established itself as the manufacturer with the best-selling EV.

New data from EU-EVs shows that the Model 3 is the European Union’s most popular electric car, and it’s not necessarily a very close race. This year, Tesla has sold 27,186 Model 3 units this year, with the closest competitor being the French-built Renault Zoe, with 17,452 sales so far this year.

Volkswagen holds the 3rd, 4th, and 5th place spots with the ID.3, ID.4, and UP! EV, respectively.

Because of Volkswagen’s strong performance in the top 5 with its three currently-offered EVs, the German automaker has established itself as the top brand in the EU, accounting for 47,878 sales so far this year. This takes up 18.1% of the total EU market share for electric vehicles, an impressive statistic. Tesla has 27,377 total registrations in the EU as a company, making it the second-most-popular EV manufacturer in the region. This means that Tesla has sold 191 additional non-Model 3 units in the EU due to the sale of Model S and Model X vehicles, most likely.

The Model Y is not currently available in Europe, as Tesla is awaiting the completion of the Giga Berlin production facility. However, there is some speculation that Tesla could begin exporting Model Y units from Shanghai to Europe in Q3 if Giga Berlin isn’t ready for production. However, these rumors have not been confirmed by Tesla directly.

Europe remains a battleground for EV manufacturers as it is one of the most heavily concentrated areas for electric vehicles in the world. However, Tesla has continued to establish itself as the worldwide leader in EVs, with little to no room for competitors to make errors. Tesla seems to improve upon its product on a regular basis, increasing range or performance through its vehicle lineup, giving other companies little room to challenge Elon Musk’s company.

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