Tesla FSD Beta’s public rollout gets an expected release date

The wider release of Tesla’s Full Self-Driving beta seems poised for a second-quarter rollout, if CEO Elon Musk’s recent statements on Twitter are any indication. While interacting with the electric vehicle community recently, Musk noted that a possible Q2 release for the public FSD Beta rollout “sounds about right,” though he still emphasized that Tesla must be very careful with the feature’s release. 

Musk’s update came amidst his recent comments about FSD Beta v8.1, which he noted is now usually driving him around without requiring any interventions. The CEO shared an extremely exciting teaser as well, noting that the next iteration of the FSD beta is a notable “step change” beyond the system’s capabilities today. 

“FSD beta build V8.1 normally drives me around with no interventions. Next version is a big step change beyond that. Tesla is solving a major part of real-world AI. This is not widely known,” Musk wrote. 

Musk also noted that the FSD beta would be offered much more widely among Tesla owners when version 9 is completed. The CEO didn’t provide a specific date for the rollout of FSD Beta v9, though he mentioned that he is hoping for the update to be rolled out next month. 

Tesla initially started the rollout of the Full Self-Driving Beta in late October last year, to much acclaim among electric car owners. Together with the FSD Beta came the capability to navigate inner-city streets, which practically allowed drivers to complete trips from one point to another without any interventions. Since its release, the advanced driver-assist system has already exhibited some impressive capabilities, including driving from San Francisco to Los Angeles without any human input.

Apart from the Full Self-Driving Suite Beta’s wider release, Musk recently discussed the impending rollout of FSD subscriptions as well. According to the CEO, subscriptions to the FSD suite, which include features like Navigate on Autopilot with automatic lane changes, Smart Summon, Autopark, Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control, and soon, Autosteer on city streets, would definitely be coming in the second quarter. Musk reiterated his point about the value of FSD, however, stating that it’s still better for Tesla customers to buy FSD outright instead of using a subscription. 

Original Publication by Simon Alvarez at Teslarati.

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