Tesla Model 3 driver walks away ‘scratch free’ after severe accident

Electric car owner thanks Tesla after his Model 3 was involved in a high-speed collision that could have resulted in severe injuries. The Tesla driver was able to walk away from the incident without a scratch, thanks to the all-electric design of the Model 3 and robust construction.

The Swiss Model 3 owner, who goes by the username Mikethe Bike on the video-sharing website, posted a video of the incident on YouTube. As could be seen in the video, when one of the wheels of an oncoming truck came loose while the Tesla owner was driving on a country road. It took just a second before the massive runway tire headed straight for the all-electric sedan.

During the crash, the truck appeared to be moving at the speed of 80 km/h, which made its loose wheel an extremely dangerous object on the lane. The wheel of the truck split head-on into the Model 3, smashing the hood of the all-electric sedan completely before bouncing off and resting 50 meters away at a railway embankment. Interestingly enough, the whole terrifying crash was captured by the built-in dashcam feature of the Model 3.

On Twitter, the Tesla owner shared multiple photos featuring the aftermath of the crash. The photos showed that the effect of the accident was serious, damaging the front of the Tesla. Airbags were also deployed indicating the severity of the incident. Needless to say, had the Tesla owner been in a less safe car, the consequences of the accident might have been very different. As such, it was noted by the Tesla owner that another Model 3 had been ordered.

A good reason behind the stellar safety ratings of the Model 3 lies in the sturdy frame of the vehicle and its all-electric design, enabling the electric car manufacturer to use its entire front as an effective crumple zone. This advantage was clearly illustrated as the vehicle’s cabin remained intact despite the entire front being demolished by the runaway wheel.

Among the safest vehicles on the road today is the Tesla Model 3. Numerous organizations such as the NHTSA, Euro NCAP, and the ANCAP have given stellar safety scores for the all-electric sedan. As Tesla noted, the results of the Model 3 from the tests of the NHTSA actually suggest that the all-electric sedan has the “lowest risk of injury” among the cars tested.

Below is the video involving the Tesla Model 3 and a runaway wheel.

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