Tesla will be entering the India market next year

For quite some time, the issue of Tesla’s arrival in India has been a concern. But now we have a specific response showing the serious intentions of the company to reach this significant market.

Yesterday, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced they are finally ready to enter the India’s market in 2021.

On several occasions, Musk has previously stated that he would like to bring Tesla to India. The government policies and regulations of the country regulating foreign direct investment are delaying the company’s debut in the country. “Would love to be in India. Some challenging government regulations, unfortunately,” Musk wrote.

It became known on September 21st that Tesla is in talks with the Karnataka state government’s industry department to set up a research and development (R&D) center in Bangalore to tap the potential of India’s tech capital.

“The first proposal is for an R&D center and we have already had at least two rounds of discussions,” said one department official, asking not to be identified. He also said that later this month Tesla’s Indian Head and Karnataka State Commissioner for Industry will meet again.

India is currently building up its charging infrastructure for electric vehicles as it intends to shift increasingly toward renewable energy and transport. An agreement seems to have been reached between Tesla and India, enabling the world’s leading electric vehicle company to join this significant market.

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