Tesla Megapack 10.3/20.6 MWh project in Austria goes live

Key Points

  • 🚀 Austria’s largest battery energy storage system (BESS) using Tesla Megapacks is now live in Ardnolstein, supporting the transmission network.
  • 💰 NGEN Smart Grid Systems invested $16.2 million in the 10 MW/20 MWh BESS project.
  • 🌐 The BESS is grid-connected and participates in the local electricity market, opening opportunities for a local energy community market.
  • 🌍 CEO Roman Bernard envisions integrating active electricity consumers into the system.
  • 🔌 Tesla recently reduced the price of Megapacks by $30,000, leading to high demand and long waitlists.
  • 🚗 CS Energy in Australia also has a Megapack-backed battery with a 100 MW/200 MWh capacity connected to the grid.

Austria’s largest battery energy storage system (BESS), made of Tesla Megapacks, recently went live. The official X account for the Tesla Megapack announced that the 10 MW/20 MWh BESS project in Ardnolstein is live and supporting the transmission network. 

“The focus is initially on supporting the Austrian transmission network. But the system also opens up exciting opportunities for building a local energy community market and integrating active electricity consumers,” said CEO of NGEN Smart Grid Systems Roman Bernard.

NGEN Smart Grid Systems developed Austria’s large standalone battery storage project. The 10 MW/20 MWh BESS is grid-connected and is already participating in the local electricity market. A total of $16.2 million was invested in the battery energy storage system, which is made of Tesla Megapacks.

Earlier this month, CS Energy shared an update on its Tesla Megapack-backed Chinchilla Battery in Australia with a 100 MW/200 MWh capacity. The battery energy storage system is made of 80 Megapacks and is connected to the grid. 

In April, Tesla cut the price of the Megapack by $30,000. Megapack deliveries have a wait list, extending as long as 2 years, making it a popular product.

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