Tesla market cap surges past $500 billion for the first time

Tesla is now worth more than half a trillion dollars on the stock market. Elon Musk projected last year that the self-driving Teslas would raise the market cap of Tesla to $500 billion. Elon’s prediction has come true earlier than anticipated, even though the Full Self-Driving (FSD) suite of Tesla is still in a very limited beta release. In reality, Elon Musk has pushed past Bill Gates in the ranking of the richest people in the world, becoming second only to Jeff Bezos.

In 2019, CNBC reported that Elon Musk and Tesla CFO Zach Kirkhorn were on a large investor call with Citigroup and Goldman Sachs, who just recently announced that Tesla being added to the S&P 500 might trigger a $8 billion buying spree. Elon Musk talked about Tesla’s self-driving strategy during that call and elaborated on what he and other managers discussed during Autonomy Day. Speaking with optimism, Elon told investors on the call that autonomous driving would turn Tesla into a business with a market cap of $500 billion. Tesla’s market value was $42 billion at the time. Elon also pointed out that existing Tesla vehicles would increase in value as Tesla’s over-the-air upgrades introduced self-driving capabilities, and individual cars could be worth $250,000 within three years.

Wall Street Is Now In Love With Tesla

CCN reported that over almost every major car brand combined, Wall Street prefers Tesla, and that Tesla is now worth more than all of the major car brands put together in the world. When you put into context the notion of half a trillion dollars, TSLA has defied the odds. Tesla flourished during the pandemic, while other automakers suffered. Tesla’s latest achievement of being included in the S&P 500, amid the army of angry short sellers, the relentless media FUD, and the “threat” of rivalry, is just one step in its path to accelerate the planet towards sustainability.

Something To Think About

Imagine getting an idea that appears truly difficult to execute, one that would require shifting many people’s mindsets. It’s a brilliant idea, but people say when you pitch it, it’s unlikely or it just won’t happen. Now, imagine that clean energy and sustainability are linked to this notion. In your dream, you want to change the world, and the industries you are trying to take on are these giants who have for decades been in their positions of influence atop major industries.

Now, imagine that your business was struggling and winning against the odds, and now these giants are mimicking every move of yours. If a new product is developed by you, they create a competing one. Imagine that these industries are such a threat, yes, plural, that there are groups of individuals who target and harass your clients on a daily basis in hopes of harming you. This is done by these groups because it appears to be all they can do.

That concept is Tesla. It’s a business that produces smart electric cars, the machine that is the brains of its vehicles, the batteries that are the hearts of its vehicles, the software that is its vehicles’ blood and nerves, products of solar power, and more. Despite the FUD, its EVs are in high demand, despite long-term online schemes to hurt the business. The progress of Tesla is a win for renewable technology, a win for clean energy, a win for the future. The fact that the full emphasis of this business is on empowering us in a way that will help us become more sustainable is absolutely beautiful. And the fact that it is the most valuable automaker in the world, and its valuation is now over half a trillion dollars, indicates that the world is ready for zero-emission technology.

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