Tesla owners flex coordinate light shows for the holidays

Tesla owners are coordinating light shows for the holidays. In December, Tesla released its Holiday Software Update. One of the new features is an improvement to its light show with the Model X. Tesla took the feature even further by allowing owners to schedule a light show up to ten minutes in advance.

Tesla also released a behind-the-scenes look at its Holiday Update, and the engineers shared insights into the new light show feature.

“Also adding a countdown on the screen when the show is about to start.”

“One of the use cases for the scheduled light show is setting the Light Show to play on multiple Teslas at the same time, and then you can watch them all play in sync.”

The Tesla Owners Club of Washington State also held a holiday party with the light shows. “Even if the light shows were a tad off. Still a good time with good food, great company, & holiday light shows from our Teslas.”

Twitter user @TeslaHype shared Tesla’s video of the new feature. Tesla initially shared it on Instagram.

In a statement to Teslarati, @TeslaHype said: “The ability to sync the Tesla Light Show opens up a whole new experience for Tesla owners. This instantly turns any gathering into a party. Maximum fun!”

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