Can Tesla Vision See Dead People?

Tesla Vision sometimes sees more than just car traffic and other objects. 97.3 The Dawg has shared an interesting story of a TikTok user, @iam3dgar, whose Tesla recently saw ghosts … or something like that. @iam3dgar shared what his vehicle saw as he drove slowly down a road that is next to a cemetery. About eight seconds into the video, the Tesla “sees” a pedestrian.

The icon shows up on the screen and a pedestrian shows up in different areas of the screen. The Dawg noted that it seemed odd that the vehicle showed a humanoid being although the naked eye was unable to see the being.

In 2021, Driving.CA reported that people were seeing ghosts on their Tesla screens while driving near graveyards. The article cited another TikTok video by user @yailinmurillo, whose uncle drove through a cemetery. On the screen, you can see a humanoid figure yet there’s nobody there. The system not only detected more than one “pedestrian,” but also a dog.

This would be an awesome story for Halloween rather than Easter … or maybe it fits for the upcoming holiday as well.

Perhaps it’s just a glitch? Or maybe Tesla Vision does see dead people. But if Tesla vehicles could actually see ghosts, that would say a lot about Tesla AI.

Tesla owner and YouTuber at “Heather’s World” shared her own video last year. She drove her 2021 Tesla Model 3 through the Greenwood Cemetery in Orlando, Florida, and there was a lot of interesting activity on her Tesla screen.

About a minute into the video, the cameras pick up the first “pedestrian” on the screen although no one else is around. Just after a minute, a few more “pedestrians” and a motorcyclist join them — on the screen. She also replayed the video in slow motion and you can clearly see a “pedestrian” and a motorbike on the Tesla screen. Yet the road is empty. A bicyclist and two dogs also showed up on the screen.

Editor’s note: Tesla is known for fun pranks and Easter eggs. Perhaps the team decided that if the car recognized that it was driving through or by a cemetery, to put these extra characters on the screen. Alternatively, it’s not uncommon for Tesla AI to temporarily misidentify vehicles or other objects. That’s one of the more entertaining things about watching the visualizations. Perhaps some of the tombstones or flowers at cemeteries have a tendency to trick Tesla AI. That said, if Tesla Vision does see ghosts, that could explain all of the phantom braking and phantom swerving Tesla FSD Beta is doing. —Zach Shahan

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