Tesla Hospital-Grade (HEPA) Air Filters Help During California Wild Fires

Once again, the Tesla HEPA Filter and Bioweapon Defense Mode is proving its worth amid the ongoing wildfire disaster in California. The Model S and Model X air-cleaning feature is an invaluable resource in times of natural disaster.

Wildfire smoke, like the ones currently spreading in California, poses a significant risk to infants, the elderly and people with heart and lung diseases according the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. According to the CDC, most children’s airways aren’t fully developed at such a young age, and they breathe in more air than adults.

The federal agency advised people to keep indoor air clean if they must stay indoors by running the air conditioner. It reminds people to close the fresh-air intake component to prevent smoke from getting inside and to ensure the filter is always clean.

People need all the support they can get during a natural disaster and getting a car like the Model S and Model X would be invaluable. The fact that Tesla has taken the time to incorporate such a feature – not found in any other vehicle – highlights the heart underlying the company’s principles.

HEPA is a high-performance molecular air filter whose efficiency can reach more than 99.97%, allowing effective filtration of pollutants such as smoke, dust, and bacteria. The stronger the filterability, the smaller the air intake per unit area. To ensure adequate air supply, the Tesla HEPA filter element is very large.

The filter that Musk holds is a regular air conditioner filter compared to a HEPA filter.

In a Tesla test, the HEPA air filtration system completed air purification in the Model X cab in less than two minutes, lowering the PM 2.5 pollution index from 1000 to an extremely low level (below the reference level).

When Elon Musk introduced Bioweapon Protection Mode during the unveiling of Model X, people may have laughed and assumed it was simply a cool feature. Unfortunately, recent times have shown it may also be a necessity. With the California and Australia wildfires and the spread of coronavirus, the need to keep the air clean is becoming increasingly important. Tesla’s Model S and Model X HEPA filters do their bit to help.

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