Tesla Giga Bier deliveries have started: $100 for three beers

Tesla Giga Bier has made its way to customers for the first time after the automaker launched its second alcohol product last week, and people are getting their first looks at the packaging that encases three beers for roughly $100.

While the Cybertruck-inspired beer costs roughly $100 for just three-twelve-ounce bottles, there is more of a collectible element to these than anything else. Just as Tesla Tequila launched a few years ago and sold out in record time, customers could not wait to get their hands on the newest edition of Tesla’s alcohol.

Deliveries have started, and it appears the three bottles are securely packaged within a Tesla Bier box, safely placed within foam holders to prevent damage during shipment. It is still due for its first reviews regarding taste, but its flavor profile, which has been influenced by “Cyberhops,” is likely to have a robust and unique flavor.

The Giga Bier is produced and distributed by BrouwUni, a Netherlands-based company that has offices in the United States. However, despite the company’s presence in the U.S., there is no indication that Giga Bier will be available stateside, as CEO Elon Musk said last week that the company is still trying to figure out whether it is even possible to get the product across the Atlantic Ocean and into consumer’s hands.

We reached out to BrouwUni for an answer as to why Giga Bier isn’t available to U.S. customers yet, but the company did not respond to our inquiry. Additionally, we reached out to the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax Trade Bureau (TTB), the government agency responsible for beer and alcohol imports, but the organization did not return our call.

Federal regulations require the importer to have a license to sell alcohol in the U.S. commercially, and as BrouwUni has offices in the States, we couldn’t find any records of the company having a license to sell its products here.

Perhaps an alternative could come to the U.S., especially as Tesla has catered to international customers in the past. When Tesla Tequila could not be shipped to Europe, Tesla simply sold the decanter it came in, which was popular among fans across the pond.

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