Tesla has reportedly told suppliers its Cybertruck production capacity plans

Tesla has told suppliers to prepare for Cybertruck production by stating it plans to build 375,000 units of the all-electric pickup every year, according to a new report.

The Tesla Cybertruck was unveiled in November 2019 and has been delayed on several occasions, but the automaker has finally started making significant strides toward initial production. The first lines have already been built at Tesla Gigafactory Texas, which the company showed during its Q1 Earnings Call earlier this year.

However, the truck has amassed a significant number of pre-orders: nearly 1.5 million, according to a reservation tracker. With production nearing, Tesla has finally started communicating to suppliers regarding its plans for annual output, according to a report from Electrek.

Tesla has evidently called the Cybertruck program “Project Everest” and is already asking suppliers to meet a base production volume of 375,000 Cybertruck units per year, according to the report.

This is a significant figure for initial production, especially considering CEO Elon Musk has stated in the past on several occasions that the Cybertruck has been one of the most difficult vehicles to figure out in terms of engineering and design.

Tesla is set to have initial release candidates for the Cybertruck ready by August, the report also states. Tesla has not officially released any details regarding the pickup’s first deliveries, only saying that the pricing and other important details would be stated at a delivery event sometime in the third quarter.

Tesla has brought forth new designs for the Cybertruck from its initial production prototypes that were unveiled in 2019 or later. The most recent Cybertrucks, which were seen at Investor Day earlier this year, were equipped with a variety of new features, including a new yoke steering wheel design.

Tesla has also finalized the design for the Cybertruck, which gives even more indication that production is likely going to start soon. This has been confirmed by both Musk and Tesla’s Chief Vehicle Designer Franz von Holzhausen.

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