Tesla rolls out FSD Beta 11.3.1 for wide release [Updating]

Tesla started rolling out Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta version 11.3.1 to non-Tesla employees. 

One of the first owners to report the latest FSD update was Zack or @BLKMDL3 on Twitter. Zack has a 2019 Model 3 Performance. Thus far, only a few other Tesla owners have reported receiving the update. 

Tesla FSD version 11.3 went into limited beta in early February 2023. The rollout reached a few beta testers. At the time, Musk also stated that Tesla might release version 11.3.2 to testers before a V.11 wide release in North America. 

Some opinions of FSD Beta V.11.3 have been shared online already. One tester remarked that the version’s real-world roads were impressive, but Autopark needs more work. Last month, Tesla applied for a set of patents that would significantly improve the virtualization and recognition of FSD. 

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