Giant fleet of Tesla exports bound for Canada sighted in Shanghai port

Footage from the Shanghai South Port suggests that Tesla China is hitting its pace with the exports of vehicles to Canada. As could be seen in a recent drone flyover, a section of the Shanghai South Port is practically filled with Teslas that appear to be on their way to Canada. 

The video was captured this weekend by drone operator and longtime Tesla watcher Wu Wa, who has been recording the progress of Tesla’s facilities in China for years. In the drone operator’s recent video, one could see a section of the Shanghai South Port being filled with a large fleet of Teslas. The vehicles were reportedly marked for Canada, as observed by the Tesla watcher. 

The sighting of the export fleet this late in the second quarter suggests that Tesla China is not following its usual strategy of fully allotting the second half of a quarter to the domestic market. This is quite interesting, as Tesla’s domestic insurance registrations over the past weeks have been rising steadily as well. 

Back in April, Reuters published a report claiming that Tesla had started producing a version of the Model Y crossover that would be sold to the Canadian market. The publication cited an internal production memo and a person familiar with the matter as a source for its report. 

The news was notable, as this would be the first time that Gigafactory Shanghai would be exporting vehicles to North America. It was, however, a practical strategy as the Model Y RWD, the all-electric crossover’s most affordable variant, is not being produced at the Fremont Factory or Gigafactory Texas. 

A look at Tesla’s configurator for the United States shows that the vehicle’s most affordable variant is the Model Y AWD, which is produced in Giga Texas. Tesla Canada’s configurator for the Model Y, in comparison, features the Model Y RWD in place of the base Model Y AWD from Giga Texas. The Tesla Model Y RWD is produced in Gigafactory Shanghai. 

Watch the drone flyover of Tesla China’s export fleet to Canada in the video here

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