Tesla Model S and Model X receive discounts as Q2 nears end

It appears that Tesla’s efforts to sell as many vehicles as possible do not only extend to the Model 3. As per observations from the electric vehicle community, Tesla has rolled out discounts for inventory units of the Model S sedan and Model X SUV as well. 

The two flagship vehicles appear to have received another $2,500 discount, from $5,000 to $7,500. This makes the Tesla Model S and Model X’s inventory units bang-for-the-buck purchases, considering their space, features, and cutting-edge technology. 

And as per Tesla’s website, Model S and Model X that are purchased and delivered by the end of the month would also be eligible for unlimited three years of free Supercharging on their vehicle. This is a compelling incentive, especially for customers who wish to take long road trips on their new all-electric cars. 

Tesla noted, however, that the free unlimited Supercharging offer for the new Model S and Model X is only available for vehicles that are delivered between April 20, 2023 and June 30, 2023. It will then be unsurprising if Tesla ends up engaging in a significant delivery initiative for the Model S and Model X in the next couple of weeks.  

Similar to Tesla’s other free Supercharging promotions, the Model S and Model X’s three years free Supercharging incentive is only available for vehicles that are purchased for personal use. Used inventory vehicles, as well as cars that are purchased for businesses, are excluded from the promotion.

The Tesla Model S and Model X are the company’s flagship vehicles, though their sales have been vastly eclipsed by the Model 3 and Model Y over the years. Even with the release of the Model S and Model X Plaid, sales of the two EVs have remained a small portion of Tesla’s overall quarterly sales. With the new incentives in place, then perhaps the Model S and Model X could account for a larger portion of Tesla’s results this second quarter.

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