First look at Tesla Cybertruck “mega wiper” in action

The Tesla Cybertruck was recently spotted at Gigafactory Texas while it was seemingly undergoing wind tunnel tests. But while the tests themselves were quite interesting, footage of the upcoming all-electric pickup truck also showed something new — the Cybertruck “mega wiper” in action.

When the Cybertruck was initially unveiled in late 2019, the hulking prototype of the all-electric pickup truck featured no wipers at all. Later patents from Tesla, such as one which described laser wipers, incited a lot of excitement from EV enthusiasts. But soon enough, sightings of the vehicle indicated that Tesla was exploring a simpler solution for the Cybertruck in the form of a single, large wiper.

The single large wiper on the Cybertruck alpha units received polarizing reviews from EV advocates, with many noting that it is a pretty inelegant solution for such a futuristic-looking vehicle. Elon Musk himself admitted on Twitter that the Cybertruck’s wipers are particularly challenging, and it was something that “troubles” him the most.

Considering the sightings of Cybertruck production beta units in the wild, however, it would appear that the vehicle’s oversized wiper — fondly dubbed as the “mega wiper” by Tesla enthusiasts — would likely make it to production. This was why it was quite interesting to see Tesla employees testing the Cybertruck’s mega wiper while the vehicle seemed to be in the wind tunnel facility.

Credit: Tesla/YouTube

As could be seen in videos of the wiper in action, the mega wiper actually cleans a large portion of the Cybertruck’s windshield. That’s actually really impressive, especially if one were to consider just how large the Cybertruck’s windshield is. Overall, one could still argue that the Cybertruck’s mega wiper is still rather inelegant, but it sure looks effective. And ultimately, that’s what will really matter once the vehicle starts its deliveries.

The Cybertruck has seen its own fair share of delays, though CEO Elon Musk has stated that the all-electric pickup truck could start its initial production this summer. Considering the frequency of sightings of Cybertruck production beta units in the wild today, it would indeed seem that the vehicle is about to start its deliveries in the coming months.

Check out the Cybertruck’s “mega wiper” in action in the video below. 

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