Tesla will send driver profiles to the cloud indicated by latest code

Tesla seems to have begun to make some preparations that will make it easier for drivers to enter multiple vehicles. Latest findings from noted Tesla owner-hacker @greentheonly, who discovered that the EV manufacturer is looking to move user profile items to the cloud.

Users may effectively access any Tesla with such a system in place and have their personalized profiles, such as game and app settings, move with them. If Tesla could also provide individual vehicle settings such as temperature, side mirror, and seat preferences in its cloud-based system, drivers would have no inconveniences when using multiple vehicles.

There are several benefits to such a function. The cloud-based profiles will also be great for those who end up using loaner cars while their vehicles are at the service center, in addition to making the ownership experience much more convenient for users with multiple Teslas. Drivers who lease other Teslas will also have an easy time acclimating to their rental cars.

In addition to the findings of the Tesla owner-hacker, the electric car manufacturer has also rolled out a very interesting update in the form of supercharging receipt filtering functionality on its mobile app. This is a relatively simple upgrade that may seem small, but owners of Tesla who manage numerous vehicles for rental use have noted that it is much simpler to manage and track multiple cars with the filtering feature.

Managing several vehicles is something that owners of the Robotaxi fleet can do on a daily basis in the future, or at least until the full-featured version of the Full Self-Driving suite is deployed en masse. With this in mind, even relatively minor conveniences will be invaluable if not time-saving, such as filtering Supercharger costs for each individual car.

CEO Elon Musk said during Autonomy Day back in 2019 that Tesla will make it a point to ensure that owners would find it easy to use their vehicles as part of the Robotaxi Network. Robotaxis management could be conducted via a mobile device, according to the CEO, with owners having control over the amount of hours their vehicle is used as part of the ride-hailing service.

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