Tesla Cybertruck and other heavy EVs could soon find a welcome market in Sweden

The Tesla Cybertruck, as well as other heavy, sustainable vehicles, could soon find a welcome market in Sweden. This is thanks to the efforts of industry organization Energigas Sverige, which recently requested the Swedish Transport Agency to adjust the maximum weight allowed for vehicles that could be driven on a standard Class B driving license. 

If successful, Energigas Sverige’s efforts could pave the way for regular drivers to operate vehicles that weigh as much as 4.25 tonnes (9,600 lbs). Current driving license laws in the country note that vehicles such as light trucks may not exceed a total weight of 3,500 kilograms (7,700 lbs), and that’s including the weight of their cargo. Vehicles that exceed the weight limit must be driven by drivers with a Class C driving license instead. 

This poses some issues for organizations or buyers that are looking to adopt vehicles that are powered by sustainable means. Sustainable vehicles like electric trucks are typically heavier than their fossil fuel-powered counterparts, thanks to their large battery packs. As noted by the industry organization in a post, this issue is also present in vehicles that are powered by hydrogen and biogas. 

If the Swedish Transport Agency accommodates Energigas Sverige’s request, vehicles like the Tesla Cybertruck could find some footing in the European country. The Cybertruck is aggressively priced for its specs and performance, which include a 6.5-ft bed and a 3,500-lb cargo carrying capacity. Coupled with its durable steel exterior and its low maintenance needs, the Cybertruck could serve as an ideal fleet vehicle for businesses looking to embrace sustainable solutions. 

As noted in a report from news agency ATL, the Swedish Transport Agency is now looking into the organization’s request. Maria Malmkvist, CEO of the industry organization Energigas Sweden, expressed her optimism about the initiative. 

“It is very good that the government is now acting on this issue. The current maximum weight for B driving licenses prevents the conversion to renewable. A change in the driving license rules will mean that more haulers can choose light trucks that run on, for example, biogas or hydrogen,” she said (translated). 

The results of the industry organization’s request are expected to be reported to government offices as soon as possible, or at least no later than November 15, 2021. 

Energigas Sweden’s request to the Sweden Transport Agency could be found below.

Original Publication by Simon Alvarez at Teslarati.

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