Elon Musk acknowledges Tesla Cybertruck ability to support off-grid ‘cyberliving’

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, recently hinted at the possibility of traveling or even staying in a Cybertruck fifth wheel RV or tiny home. In a Twitter conversation, the CEO reported that tiny home owners will be able to use the huge all-electric pickup truck to power their homes.

Soon after the Cybertruck was released in late 2019, the possibility of using it for “cyberliving” arose. A host of RV enthusiasts and tiny home owners shared their thoughts on the new all-electric pickup truck, even before the initial shock of the Cybertruck’s design had worn off.

After all, the Cybertruck would almost certainly come with a massive battery pack capable of powering homes for an extended period of time.

Karl Gesslein, an off-grid veteran, battery enthusiast, and tiny house owner, was one of the most popular of these enthusiasts. Following the unveiling of the all-electric pickup, Gesslein detailed his plans to use the Cybertruck’s battery pack to fuel his off-grid tiny house on his personal website.

Gesslein and his wife are off-grid veterans, having spent years living off-grid in a regular-sized home. The tiny home owner learned from his experience that if he and his wife constantly conserve electricity, they could potentially operate their house for a month without any sun using a 13.5 kWh Powerwall 2 battery.

With this in mind, Gesslein calculated that a Tesla Cybertruck with a battery pack of around 100 kWh or even larger could power a tiny house for hundreds of days. When combined with the Cybertruck’s solar tonneau cover, the vehicle’s batteries could also be recharged simply by being exposed to the sun.

The Tesla Cybertruck is intended to be a vehicle capable of heavy duty operation. It’s also a truck that’s designed to withstand the elements. As a result, the Cybertruck is ideal for off-grid operation. If the Cybertruck is fully operational, it wouldn’t be surprising if a significant number of the pickups are used to tow fifth-wheel RVs or even as power sources for tiny homes.

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