Tesla Cybertruck Mega Frunk confirmed in production beta photo

Last month, 13-time Tesla owner and early TSLA investor Matthew Donegan-Ryan shared a rather interesting tidbit about the Cybertruck’s production version. According to the longtime TSLA investor, the all-electric pickup truck will be fitted with a frunk that’s unlike any other in Tesla’s existing lineup. A recently shared image has seemingly confirmed this statement.

Following Investor Day, Donegan-Ryan posted a thread about the Cybertruck featuring information that he reportedly gathered from Tesla executives and staff who conducted a meet and greet before and after the event. In his thread, the 13-time Tesla owner noted that the Cybertruck would be fitted with a frunk that’s quite similar to the Model X.

A few days after the event, however, a Tesla employee reportedly corrected Donegan-Ryan’s post about the Cybertruck’s frunk. The Tesla employee reportedly stated that the Cybertruck’s frunk would not open like a Model X at all. Instead, it would open in a way that’s very similar to the Ford F-150 Lightning, whose Mega Power Frunk has won accolades from critics and consumers alike. 

A recent sighting of a Cybertruck production beta has effectively confirmed the information shared by Donegan-Ryan. The image, which was posted on Twitter by Tesla watcher @greggertruck, featured the all-electric pickup truck with its frunk open. And just like what the early Tesla investor noted, the Cybertruck does indeed have a “Mega Frunk” of sorts. This means that the Cybertruck’s iconic light bar would lift up when the frunk is opened.

Considering the sheer size of the Cybertruck, its “Mega Frunk” would likely be very spacious. Such a feature would likely be appreciated by consumers, as pickup trucks like the Cybertruck are utility vehicles at their core. After all, a very spacious frunk has become one of the Ford F-150 Lightning’s most well-received features, so there’s really no reason why Tesla, the leader in electric vehicles, would not adopt a similar system for the Cybertruck.

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