Tesla Cybertrucks Seen Leave New Zealand Winter Testing Site

Over the past several weeks, posts from electric vehicle enthusiasts in New Zealand have indicated that Tesla has been actively engaged in winter testing for its highly anticipated electric vehicle, the Cybertruck. Recent developments suggest that certain phases of these tests have concluded, as two of these all-electric pickup trucks were recently observed being transported away from the Southern Hemisphere Proving Grounds (SHPG) in New Zealand.

The Southern Hemisphere Proving Grounds serve as Tesla’s venue for conducting winter tests during the non-winter months in North America. This facility has featured prominently in the company’s promotional videos, including a dedicated winter test upload on YouTube from last December. Thus, it came as no surprise when reports from the Tesla community in New Zealand emerged, revealing the presence of the Cybertruck at the SHPG.

Videos and images captured at the SHPG have provided insight into Tesla’s diverse cold weather tests conducted on the Cybertruck during its stay in New Zealand. These tests encompassed maneuvers like navigating through an ice tunnel and executing controlled drifts on icy roads.

A recent video shared by Tesla enthusiasts on social media, formerly known as Twitter and now called “X,” showcased two Cybertrucks apparently departing from the New Zealand winter testing facility over the weekend. This observation suggests that the broader winter testing phase for the all-electric pickup truck may have reached its conclusion. Upon their return to the United States, these trucks are likely to contribute a significant trove of real-world cold weather data to Tesla’s research efforts.

In a way, the apparent sighting of the Cybertrucks on their way out of New Zealand bodes well for the impending release of the pickup truck. With cold weather tests completed, it may only be a matter of time before Tesla announces the first delivery event for the highly-anticipated vehicle. The excitement surrounding the Cybertruck, after all, is no joke, as evidenced by the notably enthusiastic reactions on social media when users come across one of the all-electric vehicle’s release candidates on public roads. 

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