Rivian Patent Provides Glimpse of R1S Camp Kitchen Concept

The latest patent from Rivian IP Holdings, LCC, has been published by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), offering a sneak peek into a potential Camp Kitchen concept designed for the company’s all-electric SUV, the R1S.

Dated August 17, 2023, the patent introduces a retractable modular kitchen mounting apparatus. The patent underscores the benefits of vehicles equipped with storage spaces like truck beds, SUV cargo areas, and rooftop storage systems, noting their versatility in accommodating travel accessories.

While the patent for the Rivian Camp Kitchen doesn’t explicitly specify that the modular kitchen apparatus is designed exclusively for SUVs or the R1S, Figure 12 within the document portrays a vehicle closely resembling the Rivian R1S. The image captures both the frunk and trunk areas of an SUV.

The patent commentary explains, “FIG. 12 depicts an exemplary vehicle comprising vehicle bay assemblies configured to accommodate a modular kitchen assembly, in accordance with some embodiments of the disclosure.”

The patent’s visuals provide strong indications of a Rivian Camp Kitchen tailored for SUVs, although there’s also a possibility that the patent hints at a forthcoming modular kitchen for the new R1T pickup truck. In 2022, Rivian ceased offering the R1T Camp Kitchen and contacted customers who had preordered the modules. The company informed these customers that the Camp Kitchen and Gear Tunnel attachment were undergoing redesign. By March 2023, references to the R1T Gear Tunnel Shuttle and Camp Kitchen were removed from Rivian’s official website. Presently, the Gear Shop section of Rivian’s website does not contain any mention of the Camp Kitchen or Gear Tunnel Shuttle.

Check out Rivian’s Camp Kitchen patent below.

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