Tesla Cybertruck-inspired Wireless Charging Platform impresses YouTube’s MKBHD

Tesla has a number of beautifully designed merchandise in its online shop. Some are reasonably priced, while some are sold at a premium. The Cybertruck-inspired Tesla Wireless Charging Platform is definitely in the latter category, as it commands a price of $300 per unit. 

To be fair, the Tesla Wireless Charging Platform is a premium product. It features an aluminum housing and a premium Alcantara surface, similar to those used in Tesla’s actual vehicles. It can charge up to three devices at 15W, and it even has a solid, detachable magnetic stand. 

It was then no surprise that when Tesla released the product, there were many jokes about how the electric vehicle maker was able to come up with its own “Airpower” charger, which was announced by Apple but is yet to be released. Noted YouTube tech reviewer Marques Brownlee (MKBHD), for his part, has noted that the Tesla Wireless Charging Platform is quite impressive in its own right. 

In a Twitter post featuring his short review of the product, MKBHD mentioned that the Tesla Wireless Charging Platform is built like a tank. The tech reviewer explained that the charger actually works very well, thanks to FreePower technology that allows any device to charge at the platform without any precise alignment. 

Summing up his thoughts about the product, MKBHD shared a playful jab at Tesla by noting that the Wireless Charging Platform is arguably the wireless charger with the best build quality in the market. If this was true, then it would probably be the first time that Tesla had the best build quality in any category. One cannot fault the tech reviewer for his comment, however, considering Tesla’s build quality issues over the years. 

To be fair to Tesla, the company has made strides towards improving its products’ build quality. These efforts have become quite substantial, especially as the company produces vehicles in locations such as Gigafactory Shanghai, Gigafactory Berlin, and Gigafactory Texas.  

Those interested in purchasing the Tesla Wireless Charging Platform can click here.

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