Tesla Cybertruck details are coming to light months before scheduled production

Tesla Cybertruck details are coming to light months before the all-electric truck is scheduled to begin production. Executives and those close to the development of the Cybertruck reportedly gave more details about the vehicle ahead of its Summer production dates to various people at last week’s Investor Day.

Cybertruck enthusiast Matthew Donegan-Ryan attended the Investor Day event and spoke to several people involved with the Cybertruck program at Tesla. Among the details that were talked about at the event were the dimensions of the Cybertruck, its planned configurations, standard features, and even an in-house team responsible for developing accessories for the truck.


The dimensions of the Pre-Production Beta that was on display at the Investor Day were obtained by Donegan-Ryan by using the measure app on his iPhone, and he believes he’s within between .5″ and 2″ from what will be released by Tesla in the Summer. The Cybertruck at the event was comparable to Ford Super Crew Raptors, a vehicle that Donegan-Ryan said he has owned three of. “The Cybertruck is just a little more compact,” he told us.

The Staff that gave details on the Cybertruck dimensions couldn’t be named, but we were told that they will likely be seen front-and-center when initial deliveries begin, which will likely be marked by a dedicated event like past vehicles.

They said the dimensions were “about 5% smaller than the prototype unveiled in 2019″ and has more usable space despite its smaller size compared to the F-150 Raptor.

Elon Musk said on numerous occasions that the Cybertruck would be reduced in size for various reasons, including its need to fit in Boring Company tunnels.

However, this size reduction resulted in the loss of the front center seat. The Cybertruck will now seat five people.


Tesla will develop two configurations, according to the information given to Donegan-Ryan: a Dual Motor and a “Performance,” which could potentially be a Tri-Motor build.

Discussions with the Tesla staff seemed to indicate Tesla would not go forward with the potential Quad-Motor powertrain and would instead develop a Tri-Motor powertrain for the Cybertruck, which is utilized in the Model S and Model X Plaid.

According to a reservation tracker, the Cybertruck’s Single Motor configuration, which was priced at $39,990 after the unveiling in 2019, will not be developed.


All Cybertruck configurations will have rear-wheel steering, which has been seen among various prototypes over the past few years.

The Steering Wheel will be a combination of both the Yoke and traditional round option Tesla offered previously. This was detailed in several photographs from the event.

The Cybertruck will also feature standard air suspension, which was shown in more recent sightings of the vehicle prior to the Investor Day event. Air suspension has always been in the plans, as Musk has stated that the Cybertruck will need to be able to handle excessive payloads for construction applications, and it could also be utilized for Baja racing.

18″ wheels will come standard, and rim and tire packages will be available in a few different options. All-Terrain and All-Season tires will be suitable for the Cybertruck and it appears Goodyear will be the manufacturer responsible for the


Tesla has established a Cybertruck Accessories Team for the vehicle, and instead of working with aftermarket companies to build add-ons, Tesla will do it themselves.

The Accessories team is being broken down into three categories: off-roading, camping, and racing, which will undoubtedly help drivers with various plans for the Cybertruck find a specific lineup of accessories that will fit their needs.

The Cybertruck is still set for initial production in the Summer, as of now. Volume production is expected to begin in 2024, Musk said earlier this year.

You can check out Matthre Donegan-Ryan’s full video on the Cybertruck below.

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