Tesla Cybertruck frunk size hinted in latest sighting

Key Points

  • 📸 New photos hint at the size of the Tesla Cybertruck’s frunk (front trunk) by showing a person sitting in it, indicating its width and overall space.
  • 🚗 Speculation about the Cybertruck’s frunk size has been ongoing, with some suggesting it appears small in photographs, while other angles make it seem larger.
  • 🛣️ The Cybertruck has been spotted on public roads, suggesting that initial deliveries may be approaching, although the exact delivery timeline remains uncertain.
  • 🚀 An analyst predicts the Cybertruck could achieve 100,000 to 120,000 deliveries in 2024 as production ramps up, and the recent sighting provides insights into its design and storage space.

The Tesla Cybertruck has drawn wide speculation ahead of its initial deliveries, expected to begin in the coming months. One feature that many onlookers have been curious about is the size of the futuristic truck’s frunk, with new photos showing a person seated in the storage area in a seeming indication of its size.

The Cybertruck’s frunk has been discussed a lot lately, with multiple sightings of the electric pickup seeming to show how large the storage area is. Some have reported from photographs and videos that the vehicle’s front trunk appears small, while other angles have seemed to make the space look larger.

In a new Cybertruck sighting from this week, courtesy of The Autopian, the vehicle’s frunk is seen with a person sitting in it, seemingly emphasizing its width and overall size. The person can be seen sitting in the frunk with a beverage in their hand, while several of the photographs also show a number of angles from the truck’s rear.

It’s not entirely clear from the angle how deep the Cybertruck frunk is, though the recent sighting appears to include the same wrapped units spotted in recent testing in the Northwestern Mexican state of Baja California. Additionally, one of the Cybertrucks appeared to include a mini Starlink dish.

You can also see the backside of a Cybertruck wheel cover in the photos, among a number of other interesting details. Check out the rest of the Cybertruck photos below.

Tesla’s Cybertrucks have been spotted a number of times on public roads in recent months, indicating that the automaker may finally be nearing initial deliveries of the highly anticipated vehicle. While it isn’t entirely clear when Tesla will begin Cybertruck deliveries, the automaker had previously announced hopes to schedule a delivery event in Q3, though that deadline has come and gone.

One analyst recently predicted that the Cybertruck would reach 100,000 to 120,000 deliveries in 2024 after the automaker is able to ramp up the vehicle’s production. In recent weeks, a huge number of Cybertruck rear castings were spotted outside Tesla’s Gigafactory in Texas, suggesting that the company may be nearing initial deliveries.

You can see Tesla’s many Cybertruck rear castings below in a video from Giga Texas observer and drone pilot Joe Tegtmeyer.

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