Tesla’s new Ultra Red color side-by-side with old Multicoat

Tesla announced the addition of the Ultra Red color scheme for its Model S and Model X vehicles, and a side-by-side with the old Multi-Coat gives us a good look at the differences.

Tesla has long offered five colors across its vehicle lineup, and many people, even executives, have called for additional options to become available. Finally, Tesla offered a new color for Model S and Model X orderers, and it is already showing up at the Fremont Factory.

The Kilowatts snagged what appears to be the first real-world images of the new Ultra Red color, and there are definitely distinct differences between it and the previously offered Multi-Coat Red. It’s definitely darker but not quite burgundy. Instead, it is just a darker, richer color that appears to offer more depth than the previous offering.

Personally, I feel the new Ultra Red does appear to offer more depth than the previous color, which was the company’s most premium offering but was still relatively basic. The new color may have been a key improvement in Tesla’s paint shop at Fremont, which has been a major weak point for the company.

Credit: The Kilowatts

Tesla started to make changes to the paint shop at Fremont over the past few years, but its biggest refinements came outside of the United States at Gigafactory Berlin in Germany, where the company established a “world-class” paint shop with new colors.

Tesla has already discontinued the Multicoat Red for Model S and Model X vehicles, and has communicated to customers that they will receive the new shade without the additional upcharge, which is $500.

“Ultra Red is a high-chroma color with dynamic depth created from a multi-coat paint that complements the unique form of Model X. You are receiving this upgrade at no additional cost — no action required,” Tesla said in a communication to those who hold orders for vehicles.

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