Unique Frunk Detail of Tesla Cybertruck Charging at Gigafactory Texas Captures Attention

Key Points

  • 🚚 A Tesla Cybertruck was spotted charging outside Gigafactory Texas with interesting details.
  • 🕵️‍♂️ The frunk insert was visible in the bed of the Cybertruck, providing clues about the storage capacity under the truck’s hood.
  • 📏 The frunk area appears to be on the smaller side based on the cutout in the bed of the Cybertruck.
  • 🛠️ More details about the Cybertruck, including pricing and configuration, will be revealed by Tesla when the truck is officially released.

This morning, a Tesla Cybertruck was spotted charging outside Gigafactory Texas, providing a glimpse of the frunk insert placed in the bed of the all-electric pickup. This detail hints at the potential storage capacity available under the truck’s hood.

The Cybertruck sightings have been frequent in recent months, but this particular sighting stands out due to the abundance of new details captured in the picture. The Cybertruck is seen charging at a solar-panel canopied Supercharging station at Gigafactory Texas, the site where the truck will be manufactured for customers.

The images, taken by Gigafactory Texas drone operator Joe Tegtmeyer, reveal the all-electric pickup fresh off the production lines, evident from the visible barcodes on various parts of the vehicle. Notably, the interior, including the seats, still appears to be covered in plastic, indicating that the Cybertruck could have been freshly produced just a few hours before the sighting.

However, the frunk insert seems to be sitting in the bed of the Cybertruck, adding another interesting thing to this photo.

Credit: Joe Tegtmeyer

A few weeks ago, as Tesla was wrapping a Cybertruck like a Ford F-150, we noted that the frunk area was one on the smaller side, and it appears the cutout in the bed of the Cybertruck in this photo basically confirms that.

While we cannot determine specific dimensions, and Tesla has been relatively tight-lipped with Cybertruck details, more information will be brought to the forefront when the automaker releases the truck, along with pricing and configuration details.

It appears that more units are rolling off of production lines, and based on the observations of those close to the factory, this is likely not the same unit that Tesla flexed as the first to be manufactured at Gigafactory Texas.

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