Cadillac Celestiq will start with hefty price tag of $340,000

Key Points

  • 🚗 The Cadillac Celestiq, an electric vehicle, will start at a hefty price tag of $340,000 before customization.
  • 🛣️ General Motors confirmed the price increase for the Celestiq, making it one of the most expensive vehicles in the automotive sector.
  • 💼 Cadillac aims to define the next generation of American Luxury with the Celestiq, offering personalized options for buyers.
  • 💸 The possibility of the price going even higher exists, with the final price set by dealers, potentially leading to a hefty markup.
  • 🏭 The Celestiq will be built by hand at the GM Global Technical Center in Michigan.
  • 🛠️ Not many details are known about the car’s specifications, but the interior and exterior shots indicate it will have premium features and be equipped with Ultra Cruise for advanced driver assistance.

When General Motors first revealed the Cadillac Celestiq last year, it boasted impressive specifications: an 18-foot length, a range of 300 miles, a swift 0-60 MPH acceleration of just 3.8 seconds, all starting at a hefty $300,000.

While the vehicle’s size, range, and acceleration remain unchanged, the critical metric of price has undergone revision.

GM officially announced on Wednesday that the Celestiq will now begin at $340,000 before any customization, catapulting it to one of the highest price tags in the automotive sector, not to mention the EV segment of that extensive market.

Cadillac’s CMO, Melissa Grady Dias, revealed the massive price tag on social media, as the automaker is “on a journey to define the next generation of American Luxury.”

Since its introduction, we’ve seen extremely high demand for CELESTIQ. Clients who begin this bespoke journey can personalize their CELESTIQ and make it a true reflection of their personality – the possibilities are endless. The bespoke spirit of CELESTIQ will be determined by the client’s level of curation, but the blank canvas will start at approximately $340,000 MSRP,” Dias wrote in a LinkedIn post.

However, there is a possibility that it could skyrocket to even higher levels, as we’ve seen legacy automakers do with their price tags in recent years.

Dias’s LinkedIn post finishes with “Dealer sets final price,” which means that those who plan to get their hands on it might be facing a hefty dealer markup.

There are also a few trims that GM plans to release with the Celestiq. It trademarked them last year before the unveiling.

In terms of the finer points of the car, not much is really known. However, shots of the Celestiq’s interior and exterior show the car is flashy, and those who have the cash to throw around to buy it will be met with some of the finest features any car can offer.

Fitted with Ultra Cruise, the advanced hands-free driver assistance suite that features 360-degree vehicle views, a smart glass roof, and premium interior options, the car is definitely not one that we’ll expect to see as a daily driver.

When it hits the market, it will be built by hand at the GM Global Technical Center in Warren, Michigan.

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