Watch a Tesla Cybertruck aero wheel cover go flying in the midst of heavy traffic

Key Points

  • 🎥 A video shows a pre-production Tesla Cybertruck’s aero wheel cover flying off while driving in California.
  • 🚗 The incident doesn’t seem to cause severe damage, but it raises awareness about potential issues before Cybertruck deliveries.
  • 🔍 Recent sightings of the Cybertruck hint at its impending release.
  • 💰 Early Cybertruck reservation holders who added Full Self-Driving (FSD) will be locked in at a $7,000 add-on price, while Tesla sells FSD separately for $12,000.
  • 🚀 Tesla partner IDRA’s photo speculation regarding the Cybertruck Giga Press raises questions about its actual use for Tesla.
  • 🔌 Tesla uses Giga Press machines for Model Y and Model 3, but the Cybertruck Giga Press has higher clamping force.
  • ⚙️ The diecasting method, employed by Tesla, reduces components in auto manufacturing and has received praise from experts like Sandy Munro.

In a new video shared on Sunday, the wheel cover from a pre-production Tesla Cybertruck went soaring while the truck was being driven in California.

LeletyM3 shared the dashcam footage from his Model 3 showing the Tesla Cybertruck on what appears to be Highway 101 in San Francisco. About 11 seconds into the video, you can see the aero cover from the Cybertruck launch up into the air before being run over by a car and rolling just in front of the Model 3.

The wheel cover doesn’t appear to cause any severe damage in what can be seen on the video, and it seems to be on a path to roll off to the side after the poster’s Model 3 passes it. Still, the video might make you glad the Cybertruck is still in pre-production, so any similar issues can be worked out before deliveries begin.

Although the Cybertruck debuted with similar aero-style hub caps to the one in the video, another aero hubcap was spotted on prototypes earlier this year boasting a slightly different design.

In recent weeks, several users have reported sightings of the Cybertruck as Tesla prepares to begin deliveries in the coming months. The Cybertruck can also be seen in a “Tesla family photo” shared by the automaker on Friday, which shows the company’s electric Semi sporting a trailer with the rest of the vehicle lineup. It’s not hard to see how huge the unique electric pickup is when it’s side-by-side with Tesla’s other vehicles.

Additionally, an apparent rollover test of the Cybertruck seems to show the cabin intact after some crash testing.

New reports also show that early Cybertruck reservation holders who added Full Self-Driving (FSD) to their orders will be locked in at the $7,000 add-on price, though the software’s beta is now sold by Tesla for $12,000.

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