Tesla aims to improve vehicle safety with new facility in Texas

Tesla is aiming to improve vehicle safety with a new Crash Test Lab facility in Texas.

Tesla is building a new Crash Test Lab in Austin that will help with passive vehicle safety, which has always been a strong suit for the automaker.

As spotted by Electrek, the factory will be located in Austin and could replace the current facility that Tesla uses to analyze its vehicles in accidents, which is located in Fremont, California.

Tesla moved its headquarters and a vast majority of its executives to Texas several years ago, and its Fremont Factory plant, while still operational, may have some of its key components, like the Crash Test Lab, moved to Austin.

A Tesla recruiter posted the information, stating that they’re also hiring for several positions within the new Crash Lab.

Tesla is hiring an Engineering Technician for the new crash safety lab as well:

“The Passive Safety Crash & Sled Test team is responsible for executing, analyzing, and reporting on crash and sled tests within required program timelines, primarily focusing on vehicle development, regulatory certification, and consumer protection crash testing. Team consists of Test Engineers and Engineering Technicians, specializing in Vehicle & Mechanical, Instrumentation & ATD (Anthropomorphic Test Devices, or crash test dummies), and Imaging.”

Tesla has long maintained a strong reputation for building extremely safe vehicles and has several cars in its lineup that are in the elusive grouping of the IIHS’s Top Safety Pick+.

Safety has also been a constant improvement through manufacturing efficiencies.

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