Tesla Giga Berlin is producing nearly 1,000 vehicles per week: Elon Musk

Elon Musk recent sent an email to Tesla employees, congratulating them for their hard work this year. His email contained some updates on each Tesla Gigafactory, including Giga Berlin. 

According to Elon Musk, the Berlin factory produced almost 1,000 cars last week, a notable achievement as Tesla tries to ramp production in Europe. Drone operators @wolfpackberlin shared a picture of Tesla bringing an extended robot arm into the factory, which may be for a second assembly line.

Giga Berlin has an estimated annual output of 500,000 vehicles per year in its first phase. Tesla is poised to install eight Giga Press machines from IDRA in Phase 1 of Giga Berlin to produce 500k vehicles per year.

According to the Giga Press’ specifications, each machine has a cycle time of ~80 to 90 seconds, resulting in an output rate of 40-45 complete castings per hour. At that rate, Berlin could produce about 1,000 castings per day.

Tesla plans to hire around 12,000 employees for the first phase of Giga Berlin. The Tesla Gigafactory in Grünheide is still a work in progress—even if it has already started Model Y production. For instance, new artwork graffiti continues to pop up on the walls of the facility. Tesla is also still constructing a cell plant, where it will reportedly produce battery cells. 

Tesla has already submitted plans to the Grünheide municipal committee to expand Giga Berlin’s operations. The EV manufacturer wants to build a freight depot, logistics areas, a customer service center, a company daycare center, and on-site training rooms. The application covers about 170 hectares of land. For perspective, Giga Berlin’s current operations cover about 300 hectares. 

Watch the latest video of Giga Berlin from Tobias Lindh below!

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