Tesla China sees 14,500 vehicle insurance registrations in June’s third week

Tesla China seems determined to end Q2 2023 on a strong note, with estimates from industry watchers suggesting that the electric vehicle maker’s insurance registrations in the week ending June 18 were at 14,500 units. 

Considering these estimates, Tesla China seems to have sold 40,600 vehicles from June 1 to June 18. This bodes well for Tesla, especially considering the company’s typical delivery blitzes in the final weeks of the quarter. 

Considering that Tesla China is estimated to have seen 16,400 vehicle registrations in the week prior, it would seem that the electric vehicle maker saw an 11.5% drop in sales during the week ending June 18. Interestingly enough, the past week also involved sightings of a massive Tesla fleet in the Shanghai South Port that was reportedly intended to be exported to Canada. 

If Tesla China did allot some of its resources to export vehicles from Canada in recent weeks, the 11.5% drop in insurance registrations in the week ending June 18 may make sense. For context, Tesla China saw 14,500 vehicle registrations in the week ending June 4, followed by 16,400 during the week ending June 11. 

Despite the lower vehicle registrations last week, Tesla China is still on track to post some impressive numbers for the second quarter of 2023. As per the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA), Tesla sold a total of 77,695 units in May. Considering Tesla China’s performance so far this June, the number of vehicles that the company may very well sell this month could be quite impressive.  

Tesla China’s vehicles are produced at Gigafactory Shanghai, which currently stands as the EV maker’s largest factory by output. So far, Giga Shanghai only produces the Model 3 sedan and Model Y crossover, though speculations are high that Tesla China may eventually produce a more affordable car as well.

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