Tesla saves an estimated $114 per car by removing USS

Tesla saves an estimated $114 per car by removing ultrasonic sensors (USS) and switching to its Tesla Vision, according to a cost breakdown analysis by Munro Live’s Mike Lane. In October, Tesla announced that it is replacing its USS with Tesla Vision by removing them from the Model 3 and Model Y vehicles.

“With today’s software, this approach gives Autopilot high-definition spatial positioning, longer range visibility, and ability to identify and differentiate between objects. As with many Tesla features, our occupancy network will continue to improve rapidly over time,” the company said.

In the cost analysis, Lane provided estimated costs of what Tesla spends to install USS on its vehicles. Please note that the following numbers are estimates.

Tesla has twelve USS on each of its vehicles, with an estimated cost of $8 (or $96 total). At an estimated $0.15 each, Tesla’s heat-staked brackets for parts and installation total $1.80. Its fascia wire sensor harness is estimated to cost $2.20 each, totaling $4.40 for two.

For the underhood wiring connectors, Tesla uses two at an estimated cost of $0.40 each, totaling $0.80. It also uses wiring and connectors for the dash and body harnesses, estimated at $0.50, totaling $1. Tesla also uses two integrated circuits estimated to cost $5 each. The grand total comes out to $114 per vehicle.

Lane also gave a quick breakdown of the cameras, evaluated how far the cameras could see and shared a couple of other things he noticed. You can watch the full video below.

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