SpaceX Starlink satellite internet passes online game test

The Starlink Internet satellite system from Elon Musk is still only in beta, but it is already proving to be very impressive. Despite the dish being covered in snow, the system has done well, and more recently, it has also proven its mettle in one of the most important internet applications, online gaming.

Linus Tech Tips, one of YouTube’s premier tech outlets, was able to purchase a Starlink package from SpaceX. True to the channel’s spirit, the group opted to check out how well Starlink works when running increasingly heavy tasks. This included opening media pages, streaming 4K on YouTube, streaming several 4K videos at once, and playing online games.

The Starlink system performed admirably throughout the test. The YouTube host noticed that ping could be better for the satellite internet system, but Starlink was still very available. This became clear when the satellite internet loaded up and streamed a 4K YouTube video without skipping a beat. The same was true when four distinct 4K videos were streamed simultaneously.

Starlink performed equally well when it was used for some rounds of CS:GO, where it showed very consistent ping. Ultimately, the YouTube host noted that, provided that the satellite internet system was fast and secure enough to perform even reasonably heavy tasks, he was very pleased with Starlink. This does not mean that Starlink could be a replacement for fiber internet today. Nevertheless, Elon Musk’s satellite internet system will be a game-changer for internet users who remain stuck with sluggish speeds from conventional ISPs.

Starlink is shaping up as a disruptor in its own right, just like any Elon Musk-led design. This suggests that while the internet service is impressive, some critics are still drawn to it. For example, recently, broadband industry organizations representing fiber and rural internet providers submitted a report to the FCC arguing that internet speeds from Starlink will be too slow and that the technology of the system is unproven. For its part, SpaceX has stood its ground, noting that “Starlink’s performance is not theoretical or experimental.”

Watch Linus Tech Tips‘ gaming test for Starlink in the video below.

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